Author Instructions: (Read Carefully)

  • Plagiarism should be less than 10%. (Excluding References) [Keep the Plagiarism Report along with manuscript [TURNITIN].
  • Use of AI-generated writing or ChatGPT is strictly Prohibited.
  • Grammatical error must NOT be there. Language Clarity is very much expected, and final manuscript is channeled by a language expert. Any sort of kind of dispute may lead to direct rejection by the Springer.
  • NO Figure and NO Table should be copied from any other paper / Internet. This activity may lead to direct rejection. Quality of the figures should be high resolution.
  • Page Limit: Minimum 08 Pages and Maximum 09 Pages after compliance with Springer Format.
  • Each Paper must contain Abstract (150-200 words) and Keywords (4-5).
  • Writing Format: Springer Format [Strictly]
  • All Table No. and Figure No. should be mentioned inside the manuscript
  • All Reference Number / Citation must be properly cited inside the manuscript.
  • Make sure that all the references are cited in the body of the paper.
  • Make sure that all the FIGURES and TABLES are numbered in a proper order and cited in the body of the paper.
  • NO TABLE will be IMAGE Format.
  • All Mathematical Equations must be prepared using Math Editor; NO Equation-image must be there.
  • Maintain good quality [HD] figure.

All Submissions must be done through Easychair. Please send your paper to Easy Chair System. No submission through MAIL will be entertained.